Stacey Williams-Zeiger and Dr. Robyn Zeiger write about tools millenials need when purchasing their first home in the May/June 2017 issue of TAGG magazine. "Preparing to Buy Your First Home: 8 Tips for LGBTQ Millenials".

Stacey and Dr. Zeiger discuss the challenges of the multivore relationship in their latest article in TAGG magazine. "WHEN NUTRITIONAL VALUES COLLIDE: NAVIGATING MULTIVORE LOVE RELATIONSHIPS".

With the 2016 holiday season upon us, Dr. Zeiger and Stacey have penned an article featured in TAGG magazine entitled, "VISITING THE FAMILY: RELATIONSHIP TIPS FOR AVOIDING HOLIDAY DRAMA".

Best of Gaty DC Logo Thanks again to all who nominated Dr. Zeiger as the Best Doctor/Medical Provider and her spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger as the Best Real Estate Agent in the Washington Blade Newspaper's 2016 Best of Gay DC Awards. Dr. Zeiger came in as Runner-Up in the Best Doctor/Medical Provider category.

Thanks to all who nominated Dr. Zeiger as the Best Doctor/Medical Provider and her spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger as the Best Real Estate Agent in the Washington Blade Newspaper's 2016 Best of Gay DC Awards. Voting for the top five finalists is taking place now through September 30, 2016. You can vote once per day through the 30th.

2015 TAGG Magazine Enterprising Women Logo
Thanks to TAGG Magazine for the 2015 Enterprising Women Honor!

The September 2016 issue of TAGG magazine is out featuring another article written by Dr. Zeiger and Stacey Williams-Zeiger. The article is entitled, "Saying "We Do" To a Mortgage".

TAGG Magazine has published the latest article written by Dr. Robyn Zeiger and her spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger, entitled, "Clutter Gone Wild: Relationship Survival Tips."

The May 31, 2016 issue of TAGG Magazine features the latest article written by Dr. Zeiger and her spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger entitled "Out and Pride: Empowering Your Relationship".

There is a discussion on the TAGG Magazine Podcast about the article Dr. Zeiger and her spouse, Stacey wrote in March 2016 on the topic of jealousy. The discussion starts about 9:20 into the program.

The March 16, 2016 issue of TAGG Magazine features Dr. Zeiger's spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger on the cover as one of the 2016 Enterprising Women - a phenomenal accomplishment for Stacey. Our article for this issue is also included, titled "Taming The Green-Eyed Monster".

The January 29, 2016 edition of TAGG Magazine features an article entitled "Renting or Buying:Weighing the Options", written by Dr. Zeiger and her spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger.

Dr. Zeiger and spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger have been nominated as one of the top five Transgender Advocate and Top Realtor, respectively by readers of the Washington Blade newspaper. If you have not voted, please visit the Washington Blade to make your choice today. You can vote everyday through October 4, 2015 with a valid email address. Winners will be annouced October 22, 2015 at the Best of Gay D.C. at Town from 6-9pm.

The September 17, 2015 edition of TAGG Magazine features an article entitled "Itís Not Your Fault: Managing Relationship Mishaps", written by Dr. Zeiger and her spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger.

The latest article written for TAGG Magazine by Dr. Zeiger and spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger is entitled "Going to the Dogs and (Cats)".

Love Wins! SCOTUS rules same sex marriage is equal in all 50 States!

Dr. Zeiger and spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger have pinned a new article in the TAGG Magazine in the March 12, 2015 issue, titled "WHATíS YOUR EXCUSE TONIGHT?". Get your copy of the magazine today!

Dr. Zeiger and her spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger have a new article on TAGG Magazine, titled "LIVING TOGETHER: PLAN AHEAD TO AVERT POTENTIAL PROBLEMS".

Dr. Zeiger and her spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger have a new article on TAGG Magazine, titled "SURVIVAL TIPS: HOW TO ENJOY TRAVELING AS A COUPLE".

The U.S. Supreme Court declines to rule on same sex marriages in Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana. Read more about it on the HRC site.

Dr. Zeiger is featured on the University of Maryland site that discusses the articles that she and spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger are writing about home ownership.

Dr. Zeiger and Spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger announce their latest article in Tagg Magazine!
Tagg Magazine is now available online and features an article written by Dr. Zeiger and her spouse Stacey Williams-Zeiger about which type of house to consider when you are in the market to buy your next home.

Supreme Court upholds ban on gay marriage, for now!
Transgender Health Equity The Supreme Court of the United States upholds ban on gay marriage on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, only hours before many same sex couples were set to apply for marriage licenses in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is unclear when the ban will be lifted, thereby dashing some hope of near-term marriage for many Virginian same-sex couples.

Maryland shifts insurance policy to cover transition-related care of transgender employees Kevin Rector, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun writes about the new Maryland law that will now allow state sponsored insurers to cover certain transgender procedures for those State employees. You can find the complete article by clicking here. This new policy will help many under served transgender individuals to finally get the gender reassignment surgery that they have been seeking, but unable to afford.

President Obama Signs Executive Order to Enact More Protection for Same Sex Workers and Contractors
On Monday morning, President Obama signed an executive order, ending discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity among federal contractors and employees. Many religious leaders wanted to have an option to keep parts of the previous Order intact or have the ability to opt out of the requirement. That did not happen in this case. Now Federal workers and contractors can work without fear of losing jobs, benefits, or contracts based upon sexual orientation and gender identity. To read the actual signed order, click here.

Dr. Zeiger and spouse, Stacey Williams-Zeiger are Now Contributing Authors
Question 6 Robyn and Stacey have written an article on buying a home together and how to avoid the pitfalls that could affect your relationship. The article can be found on the Tagg Magazine website. Click here to read the entire article and keep visiting the site for future articles from this power couple.


Supreme Court Repeals DOMA
Question 6 On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, thereby giving millions of same sex couples the same benefits and protections that have been enjoyed by heterosexual couples.
You can read the entire ruling here. We can all thank Edie Windsor that allowed the ACLU to bring the suit back in November 2010 on her behalf. Ms. Windsor's story is not only historic, it is a story of courage and perseverance against a government that discriminated against its own citizens.

Question 6 Wins in Maryland
Question 6 Maryland became one of three states making history on November 6, 2012 by legalizing marriage for the LGBT community. Maine and Washington were the other two states that passed the legalization of same-sex marriage by referendum. The victory has broad meaning for the LGBT community. Much of the meaning is still unfolding and will continue in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Visit Equality Maryland for more information and to show your continuing support as we fight to get the remaining states on board.
You can also visit my special page on all things about marriage equality here.

Dr. Zeiger and spouse, Stacey Williams are Table Captains at the 2012 HRC National Dinner
Dori's Art WorkAs table captains at this year's HRC National Dinner to be held on October 6, 2012 at the Walter Washington Convention Center, they are offering three (3) giclée prints of the late Dori Anne Steele's original artworks of for auction. The couple have only a few more spots available, so visit the HRC site to purchase tickets as soon as you can. Once you make the purchase, be sure to select Dr. Zeiger and Stacey Williams as table captains. This year's National Dinner is very popular in light of the recent legalization of marriage in Maryland and the impending referendum at the voting booth this November.

Maryland Signs Marriage Equality into Law
Robyn and Governor O'MalleyMaryland became the eighth state to legalize marriage equality with the signatures of Gov. Martin O'Malley, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael Busch. Both the House of Delegates and the Maryland State Senate approved the measure last week. Governor O'Malley signed the measure into law this Thursday, March 1, 2012 amid cheers and sighs of relief.

Even though the the bill is expected to come up for referendum in this election in November 2012, it is highly anticipated that Maryland will become the first state to legalize marriage equality by vote of the people. Way to go Maryland!

Visit Facebook to read Dr. Zeiger's thoughts on this and other important legislation.

Dr. Zeiger Interviewed by the Washingtonian
Dr. Zeiger was interviewed again in the "Washingtonian" magazine as one of the top "Pet Loss" therapists in the Washington, DC area. Stay tuned for details and links to the article expected out in late March 2012.

The Artwork of Dori Anne Steele
In honor of Dr. Zeiger's late partner, Dori Anne Steele, who passed in 2010, she has decided to launch a new website to feature her artwork and some of her writing called Dori's Art Work. Get ready to be surprised. Even those who knew her will be pleasantly taken aback by the depths and courage of this beautiful and vibrant human being.

Everything on the site is available for sale through PayPal. Log on today. The paintings are reproduced using a technique known as glycee and make great gifts for any occasion or just to spruce up that space you have been saying you need a painting for.

Click here to read more articles about Dori Anne Steele.

In the press

August 2012
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is spending another $1M dollars on same-sex marriage measures. Of that,$250K is coming to Maryland. You can read more about this in the Washington Post article dated August 6, 2012.

To read more about what's happening on the "Marriage Front", click here.

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